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ECON Staff June Charity Event

ECON Staff Second Quarter 2022 Charity Event - Organized by Paula Verdegaal

On Tuesday June 21st , the Texas A&M Department of Economics staff went to the Aggieland Humane Society to drop off donations of blankets, pet food, cat litter, cleaning supplies and other items.

Every quarter, the ECON staff pick a different charity in which to donate time or resources. This quarter, Paula Verdegaal (Program Coordinator) selected the Aggieland Humane Society for the charitable event. ECON staff, ECON Academic Advisors and ECON Business Staff all chipped in to donate everything from pet cages to chew toys, cat litter, office supplies and even homemade blankets.

Paula said that she chose the Humane Society because “So many of our staff members have given forever homes to animals from this shelter and we know firsthand how hard they work. By selecting this non-profit, we hope to give them the resources to continue to do amazing work in our community”.


ECON Staff donates blankets, food and other items to the Aggieland Humane Society on 21 June, 2022

L to R: Kurt Felpel, Michael Werner, Paula Verdegaal, Mary Owens. Ludim Garcia, Emily Kaufman Bowman, Carmen Hoffmann