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ECON Staff September Charity Event

ECON Staff Third Quarter Charity Event - Organized by Kurt Felpel

On Wednesday September 7th, the Texas A&M Department of Economics staff went to the Salvation Army Food Distribution Center in Bryan, Texas to assist with the distribution of food for local residents.

Every quarter, the ECON staff pick a different charity in which to donate time or resources. This quarter, Kurt Felpel (Assistant Department Head) selected the Salvation Army Food Distribution for the charitable event. Five ECON staff plus one of our Student Workers spent a warm Wednesday morning running carts of food to people in their vehicles.

Kurt said that he chose the Salvation Army Food Distribution because “These are hard economic times and many people are requiring food assistance. I wanted for us to play a small part in assisting the Salvation Army get much needed supplies to those that need it the most.”


ECON Staff delivers carts of food supplies to individuals at the Salvation Army on 7 September, 2022

Paula Verdegaal and Angela Munoz Torres wait to deliver carts of food while in the background David Cabrera and Mary Owens line up carts from the food distribution center