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ECON Staff November Charity Event

On Thursday 17 November, the Texas A&M Department of Economics staff went to the Parkway Baptist Church to drop off 12 boxes filled with items such as t-shirts, pencils, socks, toys, coloring books and other items.

Every quarter, the ECON staff pick a different charity in which to donate time or resources. This quarter, Chelsi Bass (Executive Assistant II) selected Samaritan’s Purse for the charitable event. ECON faculty, staff and graduate students all chipped in to donate all kinds of goodies to help make a needy child have a great Christmas.

Chelsi and her family have been donating items to Operation Shoebox for several years, helping others learn about those around the world who are less fortunate and to bring a little happiness to these individuals during the holiday season.

Chelsi chose this charity because “every child deserves to feel loved and special.  In the 25 years Operation Shoebox has been active, they have reaches 157 million children in over 160 countries, many of whom received their very first gift in a shoebox.”

ECON Staff donates toys, clothes and other items to Samaritan’s Purse at Parkway Baptist Church on 17 November, 2022.

L to R: Kurt Felpel, Shelby Wallace, Ashley Corn, Chelsi Bass, Sandra Maldonado, Rubi Ruiz, Carmen Hoffman