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Amazing Student – Angela Munoz Torres

Texas A&M Department of Economics Amazing Student
December 2022


Angela Munoz Torres


Río Bravo, Tamaulipas, Mexico

High School:


Degree objective:

BS. Economics, MS. Financial Economics

Expected graduation:

December 2023

University highlights, awards, scholarships:


Clubs/Organizations I am (was) a part of:

Women in ECON

Current employment:

Student Worker at the Department of Economics.

Family ties to Texas A&M:

My cousin Salma attended TAMU and graduated in 2019.

I chose to attend Texas A&M because…

I had visited several times before and I fell in love with the culture.

My favorite things to do on campus are…

I love riding Veorides scooters around campus.

When I have free time, I like…

I love reading, going to the movie theater, and listening to crime podcasts when I drive.

The craziest thing I’ve done is…

The craziest thing I’ve done is going to the 93th floor of a building in NYC because I am scared of heights.

My favorite place to study is…

Any coffee shop, it motivates me to stay focused.

My favorite ECON professor is…

Professors Gronberg and Naufal.

My favorite part of being an Economics student is…

I love all the different things I learn and how challenging it is. Economics has changed the way I think and analyze everything.

If I could share an afternoon with anyone, I would love to share it with…

I would love to spend an afternoon with my grandpa. He’s the reason I love math.

If I knew I could not fail, I would…

Own multiple successful business and find the cure to Alzheimer’s.

If money was not a consideration, I would love to…

I would travel with my parents and my sisters all over the world.

What is your passion and how are you committed to pursuing it?

I have a passion for helping others in need. Ever since I was little, I have always volunteered at shelters and disability schools in Mexico. I hope I can become successful enough to go back and give as much as I can to these places.

After graduation, I plan to…

I plan to get a job as a data analyst hopefully in Austin or Houston.

The one Texas A&M experience I will always remember is…

I will always remember the snow week we had in February of 2021, playing with the snow with my friends on campus was so much fun.