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Student Organizations

Texas A&M Economics Society (TAMES)

The Texas A&M Economics Society is a professional student organization for economics majors. The goal of the organization is to help prepare students for the real world by learning more about some of the career paths in economics and related fields. Throughout the semester, guest speakers from a wide spectrum of industries are invited to give presentations on their respective companies and careers. In addition, the organization builds professional relationships and networking opportunities for its members by holding several social events, fundraisers, and participating in community service activities such as The Big Event.

Resources: TAMES Flyer

Texas A&M Women in Economics

Women in Economics was founded in January of 2016 by five Texas A&M students. The goal was to create an environment for women interested in economics who can gather, network, and learn what a degree in economics can do for them. In a department that is predominately male, Women in Economics strives to encourage women to be the best they can be through their core values of professional development, careers and departmental opportunities, building community, service, and mentorship. Learn more about the Women in Economics.

Texas A&M Student Organizations

Texas A&M University offers a variety of organizations for students to get involved in. Whether focusing on politics, religion, service, leadership, or academics, students are encouraged to become members of and participate in organizations they can be a “voice of the students”. Learn more on how to be an important part of the college experience that happens outside of the classroom.