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MATH Placement Exam

MPE for Economics

The Math Placement Exam (MPE) will determine which MATH course you are placed in for your first semester at Texas A&M University. THE MPE DOES NOT EXEMPT YOU FROM ANY MATH COURSES. Proper placement in your first math course is critical to your success in the Economics Department, potential to take high-level quantitative courses, and ability to apply for graduate programs after college.

All ECON majors are required to take the MPE1 (unproctored). Your score on this exam determines whether you are eligible for MATH 140, MATH 142, MATH 150, MATH 151, or MATH 171. You are not required to take the highest-level math course into which you have placed if you prefer to take a lower-level sequence. It is in your best interest to perform as well as possible.

The MATH Department administers the MPE exams. At Texas A&M University ALL incoming freshmen are required to take a Math Placement Exam (MPE) prior to attending their New Student Conference (NSC).

If you would like to retake the MPE in order to take MATH 151 you will need to sign up here.

More information about the MPE can be found on the MATH MPE website.