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Change of Major

To request to change your major to Economics, your Texas A&M transcript must reflect that you meet all of the requirements below at time of application. If you do not meet the requirements, your application will be denied.

Starting on December 1, 2023 the following will be required for Change of Major into ECON:

  • Must have a 2.75 Overall GPA at the time of application
  • 30 A&M hours completed
    • 15 hours for Blinn TEAM students
  • Completed MATH 140 (or 148 or 152 or 172)  and MATH 142 (or 147 or 151 or 171) with a “C” or better AND 3.0 Math GPA
  • Complete ECON 323 with a B or better
  • No more than 75 total hours (including transfer credit, but excluding dual credit completed in high school)


If you do not meet one or more of the requirements listed, you may submit a waiver request. You must select that you are requesting a waiver in the Howdy system and utilize the essay boxes.

  • A waiver is a request and should not be treated as a guarantee; as it can be denied.
  • Waivers will be considered on a case by case basis, with consideration given to time to degree and remaining coursework.
  • Students with more than 75 hours but less than 90 hours at the time of application may apply to change majors via waiver. Again, consideration will be given to time to degree and remaining coursework with the possibility of denial.

Change of Major Dates:

Spring 2024: December 19 – February 12

Summer 2023: May 16 – June 27

Fall 2023: August 16 – September 18