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Bachelor in Economics-Master of Public Service Joint Degree





The Joint-Degree Program between the Department of Economics and The Bush School of Government & Public Service allows undergraduate Economics students to enter the Master of Public Service Program, with a focus in Public Policy Analysis, at the beginning of their fourth year at Texas A&M University. This program combines the teaching of analytical thinking skills and applications to better understand human behavior as it relates to public policy and management along with skills in leadership and research methods. Students will double-count 9 hours of Bush School courses toward the undergraduate major coursework area and up to 15 hours toward general electives in either the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in Economics.

The program encourages the exploration of economic principles and theory and preparation for graduate work through internship and studying abroad while focusing on the development of rational thought and critical thinking. At the completion of the joint degree, students are prepared for a wide variety of post-graduate opportunities including: employment in local, state or federal government, non-profit organizations, or government contracting.

For more information visit the Bush School page for this program.