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Oct 25 2:30 pm Mayra Pineda-Torres “Trapped Teens: The Impacts of Abortion Provider Regulations on Fertility and Education”
Nov 16 10:00 am Byeungkuk Oh “Persistent Effects of Ordinal Rank: Evidence from Middle Schools in South Korea”
Nov 29 2:00 pm Shuo Tian “Inference on Number of Potential Bidders in Selective Entry”
Dec 1 9:00 am David Pritchard “The Impact of the 2020 Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economics Security (CARES) Act Stimulus Payments on Crime”
Dec 2 9:30 am Adam Bestenbostel “Do Grade Signals Drive the Gender Gap in STEM? Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity”
Dec 3 2:30 pm Adam Roberts “Evaluating the Long-Run Effects of Water Fluoridation: Evidence from Community Water Fluoridation Programs”
Dec 6 2:00 pm Chelsea Temple “The Effects of Crisis Intervention Training on Arrests and Use of Force”
Dec 7 10:00 am Hedieh Tajali
Dec 16 1:00 pm Xiaoxiao Bai “Effects of Government Speaking on Private Investment”

All presentations are scheduled for 90 minutes and will be held in LASB 144 unless otherwise noted; if you prefer to attend virtually, please contact the presenter.