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Practice Job Market




Aug 30 Wes Miller “Estimating the Individual Effects of Flood Damage: Evidence from Hurricane Harvey”
Sept 19 Josh York “How Do Household Inflation Expectations Respond to Macroeconomic Data?”
Oct 2 Sora Youn “When Biased Beliefs Lead to Optimal Action: An Experimental Study”
Oct 11 Maya Mikdash “Are Court-Appointed Attorneys Racially Biased?”
Oct 12 Jinliang Liu “Information Disclosure by Enforcement Philosophy”
Oct 16 Nanyin Yang “Patient Compliance and Doctor Performance: A Theoretical and Experimental Study of Healthcare Service as A Credence Good”
Oct 31 Liuyi Guo*  “Structural Analysis of Collusion in First-Price Auctions”
Nov 1 Jiee Zhong “Early Grade Retention Harms Adult Earnings”

All presentations are scheduled from 3:00-4:15 and will be held in LASB 144 unless otherwise noted.

*1:30 pm in LASB 146