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DH Certificate Requirements

This university certificate offers masters or doctoral students who intend to practice in an academic environment, museum, or other cultural institution the opportunity to acquire knowledge of digital tools, theories, and methodologies and to become competent in conducting digital practice activities. The Digital Humanities Certificate provides a basic introduction to the development and application of information technology in the context of research and practice in the humanities. The certificate provides students with the skills, applied and theoretical, that are necessary to apply computational techniques to complex research problems as well as practical tasks in the humanities. The certificate program is open to students from any graduate degree program at Texas A&M University and the plan of study comprises 12 hours of coursework, see Graduate Certificate Requirements.

Students interested, or not formally enrolled, in the certificate are strongly encouraged to enroll in the certificate early in their course work.  Students not formally enrolled in the certificate will miss out on critical program information and updates.  They also run the risk of facing complications with financial aid.