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Nandini Bhattacharya

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Areas of Speciality
  • 20th and 21st Century Studies
  • Film Studies
  • 18th and 19th Century British Literature and Culture
  • Cultural Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Theory
  • Transnational Literatures
  • (979) 862-4331
  • LAAH 563
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Ph.D., 1992, English, University of Rochester

M.A., 1989, English, University of Rochester

B.A., 1985, English Hons, Presidency College, Calcutta

Research Interests

Dr. Bhattacharya’s Scholars@TAMU Profile

  • Postcolonial and Feminist Discourses
  • Indian Film and South Asia Studies
  • Women’s Writing and Transnational Feminist Writing
  • Colonial Discourse Analysis
  • Asian American Writing
  • Affect Theory
  • Critical Theory
  • Creative Writing

Honors and Awards

  • Southhampton, Stonybrook, Summer Writer’s Workshop with fellowship, July 6-12, 201
  • Sarah Lawrence College Summer Writers’ Workshop with Scholarship, June 24-29, 2012
  • Huntington Library Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellowship, spring 1997
  • Midwest Faculty Fellowship, Regional Worlds Program of the Globalization
  • Project (Ford Foundation) at Chicago Humanities Institute, 1996-97
  • Lilly Foundation Diversity Incentive Grant, spring 1996


Hindi Cinema - Bhattacharya

Bhattacharya, Nandini.  Hindi Cinema:  Repeating the Subject.  Routledge, 2012.
The book looks at how cinema presents liminal and counter-modern identities emerging within repeated modern attempts to re-enact traumatic national events so as to redeem the past and restore a normative structure to happenings. Establishing structure and event as paradigmatic poles of a historical and anthropological spectrum for the individual in society, the book goes on to discuss cinematic portrayals of violence, gender embodiment, religion, economic transformations and new globalised Indianness as events and sites of liminality disrupting structural aspirations.

Other Publications

  • Slavery, Colonialism and Connoisseurship: Gender and Eighteenth-Century Literary Transnationalism
  • “Imagined Subjects: Violence, Law and Citizenship in Indian Cinema”
  • “Ethnopolitical Dynamics and the Language of Gendering in Dryden’s Aureng-Zebe”
  • “Postcolonial Agency in Teaching Toni Morrison”
  • “Family Jewels: George Colman’s Inkle and Yarico and Connoisseurship”
  • “Annu Palakunnathu Matthew’s Alien: Copy with a Difference”
  • “Nation Misplaced: Film, Time and Space in South Asian Decolonization”
  • Reading the Splendid Body: Gender and Consumerism in Eighteenth-century British Writing on India