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Shari Kendall

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Associate Professor
Areas of Speciality
  • Linguistics
  • (979) 862-3910
  • LAAH 337
Professional Links


Ph.D., Georgetown University, 1999

M.A., University of Utah, 1992

B.A., University of Utah, 1990

Research Interests

Dr. Kendall’s Scholars@TAMU Profile

  • Discourse analysis
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Language and gender
  • Language and sexuality
  • Language and identity
  • Regional and social dialects
  • Media discourse
  • Language in legal settings
  • Linguistics and literature


Family-Talk - KendallKendall, Shari. Family Talk; Discourse and Identity in Four American Families. Oxford University Press, 2007.

Through everyday talk, individuals forge the ties that can make a family. Family members use language to manage a household, create and maintain relationships, and negotiate and reinforce values and beliefs. The studies gathered in Family Talk are based on a unique research project in which four dual-income American families recorded everything they said for a week. Family Talkextends our understanding of family discourse and of how family members construct, negotiate, and enact their identities as individuals and as families.