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Professional Writing Certificate

Because of the growing demand for highly skilled, professionally competent writers in business, industry, and government, the student with training in writing, speaking, editing, and communication skills has improved job opportunities. Often the individual who possesses such skills gets a job sooner and advances faster in any profession than someone without those skills.

The Professional Writing Certificate recognizes 18 hours of intensive training in a broad range of writing skills. Students should allow at least three semesters to complete the schedule of course, some of which are only offered once per academic year. To apply for the Professional Writing Certificate, review the requirements below and schedule an appointment with Dr. Apostolos Vasilakis, Director of Undergraduate Studies in English to complete the application form.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Student must be enrolled as an undergraduate student at Texas A&M.
  • Students must request prior approval to substitute transfer courses, independent studies, or credit by exam for any of the required courses.
  • Students must complete all coursework by the semester they graduate.
  • Student must earn a grade of "B" or higher in all coursework.
  • All writing must be the student's own original work. Any Aggie Honor Code infraction will disqualify a student from receiving the certificate.

Required Courses

ENGL 210, Technical and Professional Writing: This course focuses on writing for professional settings; correspondence and researched reports fundamental to the technical and business workplace—memoranda, business letters, research proposals and presentations, use of graphical and document design; emphasis on audience awareness, clarity of communication and collaborative teamwork.

ENGL 320, Technical Editing: Clarifying, reducing, expanding, and synthesizing such technical materials created by others as manuals, annual reports, and technical articles; audience adaptation, invention, organization, style, and mechanics explored.

ENGL 355, Rhetoric of Style: Fosters an appreciation for and better understanding of English prose style; the history of English prose; representative prose models for analysis and imitation; the impact of computer analysis.

Elective Courses

In addition to the three required courses (9 hours), students must select three courses (9 hours) from the following list: COMM 205, COMM/JOUR 230, COMM/JOUR 250, COMM 307/JOUR 301, COMM 323, COMM 330, COMM/JOUR 365, COMM 437, ENGL 235, ENGL 241, ENGL 304, ENGL 353, ENGL 354, ENGL 460, ENGL 461, ENGL 462, ENGL 484, ENGL 485, ENGL 489, LING 307, LING/ENGL 403, or JOUR 455.

Please see the course descriptions in the Undergraduate Catalog for an overview of each elective option. Any variable topic or directed studies courses should involve particular training in writing skills, and be approved for the Professional Writing Certificate by the Director of Undergraduate Studies in English.

Progress Tracking

At the end of each semester, a staff member will track your progress and confirm that you have received a grade of "B" or higher in applicable courses. Once you have completed all of the requirements for the Professional Writing Certificate, we will contact you regarding the process of receiving your certificate. Please note that your progress will be checked after final grades have posted for the semester, and recent graduates will likely be contacted after their graduation ceremony.