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COVID-19 Micro-grant Showcase

Our virtual exhibition of the awarded COVID-19 Micro-grant projects is now live! Supported projects include arts and humanities-based works engaging lived experiences of the pandemic.

Our Virtual Exhibition is now LIVE

During the summer of 2020, the Glasscock Center awarded the Glasscock COVID-19 Microgrant to eleven individuals. This microgrant program, inspired by the Willson Center’s Shelter Projects, was offered to help support the TAMU community in developing shareable arts and humanities-based works engaging their experiences of the current pandemic. The awarded projects vary in artistic and academic nature and will be available for viewing upon the launch of our Virtual Exhibition in February 2021. This exhibition will be live through summer 2021, which allows us to update and add pieces to unfinished or ongoing projects. See the list of the projects below, and view the exhibition at


“Digital Diaries of the Diaspora”
Dr. Srividya Ramasubramanian | Department of Communication

“Letting the Days Go By: 100+ Days in Quarantine”
Prof. Krista Steinke | Department of Visualization

“When History becomes a Metonym, Virus a Metaphor”
Seon Myung Yoo | Department of English

“Social Distancing in a World of Memes”
Dr. Heidi Campbell | Department of Communication

“Black Experiences with COVID-19, Media, Mourning & Faith”
Asha Winfield | Department of Communication

“Born in Pandemic: A Collage Diary”
Dr. James Ball III | Department of Performance Studies

Dr. Anatol Bologan | Department of Visualization

Lotería in the Age of COVID-19: Two Artistic Visions”
Dr. Gabriela Zapata | Department of Hispanic Studies

“Quilting in Solidarity: Depictions of Texas A&M Student Experiences of COVID-19”
Julie Kircher | Department of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Sciences

“Our Voices — Artistic Explorations of International Graduate Students during COVID-19”
Haleh Moghaddasi | Department of Architecture

“Music for Solitude”
Dr. Martin Regan | Department of Performance Studies

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