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Human-Subject Interconnectivity: Wild Animals and Research Ethics

Humanities & Science Exchanges

Human-Subject Interconnectivity: Wild Animals and Research Ethics

Date: Thursday, April 15th

Time: 5pm-6pm Central Time

Zoom Webinar | Free & Open to the public


This event marks the launch of a new, occasional series, “Humanities-Science Exchanges,” at the Glasscock Center. The aim of the series is to encourage connection and collaboration between the humanistic and scientific disciplines. These events invite scholars to engage with the same topic – from their own fields or interdisciplinary perspectives – in the spirit of exchanging ideas and opening up to a variety of approaches.

Our first exchange focuses on the relationship researchers have with their nonhuman subjects. What are the ethics of our field methods? How do we decide our field methods? What do we consider before going out into the field? How do we view our relationships with our subjects and the surrounding ecosystem? Alexandra Sacco and Victoria Green will discuss these questions and how they pertain to their corresponding fields of research.

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Victoria Green

PhD Student, Department of Philosophy, Texas A&M University

Alexandra Sacco

PhD Student, Department of Biological Anthropology, Washington University, St. Louis


Dr. Emily Brady

Director, Glasscock Center for Humanities Research

Professor of Philosophy, Texas A&M University