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Glasscock Affiliated Fellows 2022-23

Affiliated Fellows are those whose fellowships originate outside of the Glasscock Center but are incorporated into our programming and fellows' cohort. They participate in the scholarly community of the Center.

Affiliated Fellows


Rachel Lim
Assistant Visiting Professor, History

Rachel Lim is an Accountability, Climate, Equity, and Scholarship (ACES) Fellow and a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of History. Her research and teaching interests include migration, diaspora, globalization, gender, and comparative race and ethnicity at the intersection of Asia and the Américas. Her current book project, Itinerant Belonging: Korean Transnational Migration to and from Mexico, uses interdisciplinary research methods to examine the history of Korean migration to Mexico, from the twentieth century to the present. Rachel received her PhD in Ethnic Studies from the University of California, Berkeley and has written for multiple scholarly and popular venues, including The Journal of Asian American StudiesVerge: Studies in Global Asias, and The Washington Post.


Allegra Midgette
Assistant Visiting Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

Dr. Midgette’s research investigates the origins and social processes that support individuals in developing an understanding of justice and learning how to care for others in an inequitable and unjust world. Her work addresses two key questions: How do we come to care about each other and about justice within the family? How do we become just in the face of inequality? To investigate these questions, Dr. Midgette employs a mixed methodology that places the experiential reality of children and their families at the forefront. The long-term goal of her work is to characterize how cultural, societal, and family practices influence individual moral development, with the ultimate aim of supporting the creation of interventions that contribute to individuals’ development into more caring and just individuals.