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ACES Colloquium Series: Allegra Midgette (PSYC) 9/27/22

“Learning How to Care: Taking a Psychological Approach” 

Tuesday, September 27, 2022 | 4-5pm

We welcome your attendance in GLAS 311
Or online via Zoom

Zoom Meeting information:

Meeting ID: 965 0324 4162
Password: Midgette

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Dr. Allegra Midgette, Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology and Brain Sciences



Care, as a practice, is essential to human development, relationships, and the maintenance of society. However, much of the literature focused on care has either been primarily theoretical (e.g., care ethics), or has investigated the experiences of adult caregivers (e.g., nurses, parents). Thus, despite being a fundamental practice we know less about how individuals develop from care-receivers (e.g. recipients of parental/ familiar care) into caregivers (e.g., give care to others within the present and future families), particularly within the family context. In this talk, I present findings based on thematic analysis of 7 focus groups investigating how US parents and caregivers conceptualize and experience care within the family and discuss implications for theory and future research.


Unlike our Faculty and Graduate Fellows’ Colloquia, we do not pre-circulate a draft paper of the work-in progress for ACES Colloquia.