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2020-2021 Annual Report

Posted November 11, 2021

The Glasscock Center is delighted to share our 2020-2021 Annual Report! Information on our grants, programs, and events is included. We extend our special thanks to all of our fellows, grant awardees, audiences, and the campus and wider community for their support of the humanities and humanistic social sciences. This report, and those of previous […]

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Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that Texas A&M University (College Station) is situated on the land of multiple Native nations, past and present. These original homelands are the territory of Indigenous peoples who were largely dispossessed and removed. We specifically acknowledge the traditional stewardship of this land by the Tonkawa, Tawakoni, Hueco, Sana, Wichita, and Coahuiltecan peoples. We pledge to support and advocate for the histories, cultures, languages, and territorial rights of historic Indigenous peoples of Texas and the Indigenous people that live here now. This statement affirms continuous Indigenous presence and rights, acknowledges the ongoing effects of settler colonization, and supports Indigenous struggles for political, legal, and cultural sovereignty.

Such statements should be seen as living lessons; not a final word, but an invitation to learn.

The Glasscock Center has taken up this invitation to learn through: its support of the Glasscock Indigenous Studies Working Group, which has been active for several years; activities related to the Humanities: Land Sea Space initiative; and playing a role in supporting efforts for the Native American Land and Territorial Acknowledgement Resolution at Texas A&M.