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The College of Arts & Sciences

Our college has transitioned into the College of Arts and Sciences, meaning our website is being updated and moved.

We appreciate your patience as we move into our new home and hope you'll explore the new website with the most up to date information.

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Our Faculty Are Making Great Strides

The College of Arts & Sciences comprises faculty and staff who dedicate themselves to providing a transformational learning experience for our students, conducting research that changes fields of study, and fostering inclusive and welcoming learning environments and workplaces. Together, we are all fulfilling our college motto of "Knowledge for Life" through our research, teaching, support, service, and outreach.

We can continue to be successful because of the contributions of our outstanding employees. Our faculty are leaders in their fields and have brought Arts & Sciences education to the forefront of Texas A&M. Our dedicated staff provide the outstanding support needed for student and faculty success. We invite you to learn more about the resources we offer to facilitate their academic and research initiatives.