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Carrasco-Martinez Wins Multiple Awards

The College of Liberal Arts has named her an awardee of the Achievements in Climate and Inclusion Award, and the Office for Student Services has named Zuleika Carrasco-Martinez as their Advisor of the Month for December, 2020.

Hispanic Studies is pleased to announce that Zuleika Carrasco-Martinez has been named in two exceptional awards. The College of Liberal Arts has named her for Achievements in Climate and Inclusion Award for staff members. In the nomination for this award, an endorser wrote, “[She] has taken under her wing no less than four ethnic, campus-wide student organizations where she encourages activities that promote ethnic camaraderie while also fostering integration into the Aggie community.  Having advised the Puerto Rican Student Association and Philippine Student Association for four years, she has become a surrogate mother, fostering a home away from home environment that gives them a secure base from which to navigate the demands of university life.”

Graphic image for social media announcing Zuleika Carrasco-Martinez as Advisor of the Month, December 2020

Additionally, she has been named Advisor of the Month for December, 2020 by the Office for Student Success for exceptional work in academic advising and advancing student success. Zuleika says, “I like that advising gives me the opportunity to interact with students, and that I am able to work with them from the beginning of their college career to graduation. I like having that opportunity to see them grow.”

Congratulations to Zuleika!