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Adamyan, Luiza Lecturer, Hispanic Studies ACAD 129B
Arizpe, Norma ACAD 129A
  • Spanish Grammar and Culture
  • Spanish for the Medical Professions
  • Spanish for Heritage Speakers
Arizpe, Victor Director of Education Abroad ACAD 129C
  • Spanish Golden Age
  • Spanish American
  • Colonial Studies
  • Cultural Studies
Curry, Richard Department Head ACAD 200/119
  • Hispanic Literature
  • Hispanic Culture
Diaz, Viviana
  • Cultural Studies and Spanish Literature
Espina, Eduardo ACAD 322B
  • 19th - 21st Century Latin American Poetry and Essay
Galdo, Juan Carlos ACAD 202C
  • Contemporary Latin American Literature
Kallendorf, Hilaire ACAD 302C
  • Spanish Golden Age
  • Religious Studies
  • Comparative Literature
  • Renaissance Cultural Studies
Lawo-Sukam, Alain ACAD 202D
  • Latin American Literature and Culture
  • Afro-Hispanic Studies
Miller, Stephen ACAD 300
  • Late Modern Through Contemporary Narrative, Art, and Essay
Minjarez, Solem
  • Cuban Literature and Culture
  • Politics of Nationalism in Latin America
  • Caribbean Film
  • Diasporic Literature in Latin America
Misemer, Sarah M. Glasscock 305
  • Contemporary Hispanic Theater and Performance
Moreiras, Alberto ACAD 204A
  • Latin-American and Spanish Literature and Culture
  • Critical Theory
  • Political Thought
Moyna, María Irene ACAD 219B
  • Hispanic Linguistics
  • Language Change and Variation
  • Spanish in the United States
Ortega, Bertín ACAD 207A
  • Latin American Literature
Parry, Melanie ACAD 204B
  • 19th Century Latin American Literature
Perez-Smith, Adriana Director of Undergraduate Studies ACAD 129B
  • Heritage Language and Translation
Quintana Millamoto, María Esther ACAD 201D
  • U.S. Latino Literature
  • Women's Studies
Vilarós-Soler, Teresa ACAD 223A
  • Spanish Modern and Contemporary Visual and Cultural Studies
Zapata, Gabriela ACAD 302A
  • Second and Heritage Language Pedagogy
  • Bilingualism
  • Literacy-Based Approaches to Second Language Teaching
  • Development of Open Educational Resources (OER) and then Implementation of OER-Enabled Pedagogy