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  • Hispanic Film Series 2021-2022

    (7:00 p.m. in HECC 100) September 8 (Wed.) Pájaros de Verano (Cristina Gallego/Ciro Guerra, 2017) [Colombia] October 4 (Mon.) Sueño en otro idioma (Ernesto Contreras, 2017) [México] November 1 (Mon.) La odisea de los giles (Sebastián Borensztein, 2019) [Argentina] November 29 (Mon.) Roma (Alfonso Cuarón, 2018) [México] Spring semester January 24 (Mon.) El ángel (Luis Ortega, 2018) [Argentina] February 21 (Mon.)El silencio de otros (Robert Bahar y Almudena Carracedo,2018) [España] March 21 (Mon.) Dolor y Gloria (Pedro Almodóvar, 2019) [España] April 25 (Mon.) Esto no es Berlín (Hari Sama, 2019) [México] Sponsored by the Department of Hispanic Studies at Texas A & M University

  • dimly lit meadow

    Beyond and before “Boo”: A Halloween story

    Halloween exists beyond symbols of “Boo!” and scary movies. Two professors in the College of Liberal Arts trace Halloween’s historical and cultural beginnings and explain the concept of “liminal spaces” in our world and that of the ancients.

  • Hispanic Studies 10 year anniversary

    Combining Disciplines to Fuel Research

    Hispanic studies professors Maria Irene Moyna and Gabriela Zapata may just be the dream team of grant applicants. The two of them have received a combined six grants this past year, many of which stretch across multiple disciplines.

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    Dialogue with Department Head: Richard Curry

    Richard Curry might be new as the head of the Department of Hispanic Studies, but is not new to the College of Liberal Arts. He shares about his 32 years experience and what he loves most about the liberal arts.

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    Hispanic Heritage Month Kicks Off

    From September 15th-October 15th the nation honors Hispanic Heritage Month, a celebration of all the ways the country’s Latinx population contributes to the American tapestry. What do the countries of Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Costa Rica all have in common? Besides all of them being Latin American countries and sharing similar cultures, each […]