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The Department of Hispanic Studies offers a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish as well as two minors, in Spanish and in Hispanic Studies for Community Engagement. Like all Liberal Arts degrees, our curriculum prepares students for critical thinking, written and oral communication, and for understanding the diverse world in which we live. A unique feature of our degree is its emphasis on the language, literature, and culture of the Spanish-speaking world. Through our many course offerings that cover art, culture, language and literature, our students are challenged to see beyond their immediate surroundings to better understand the past, present and future of Spanish-speaking societies and their peoples. Our strong emphasis on linguistic proficiency also provides a marketable tool for those students entering the job market in our increasingly bilingual world. Furthermore, the major requirements are flexible enough that students are strongly encouraged to seek out a compatible minor, double major, or double degree to increase their career options after graduation or to pursue graduate work or a professional degree. Our department offers students a wide array of opportunities for study abroad and internships that provide hands-on experience to enhance their global and professional profile.

To underscore the focus on cultural awareness and to support the achievement of increased linguistic proficiency, our major requires a 10-week minimum experience abroad in a Spanish-speaking country. The experience abroad, whether in a formal academic setting or through an internship, also offers immeasurable potential for personal growth, while enhancing a student’s grasp of comparative global issues. Study abroad options include department and university-sponsored, reciprocal, affiliated, and independent programs. Selection of location and type of experience abroad should be made in consultation with the Department’s Advisor.