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BIENVENIDOS, and thank you for your interest in the Department of Hispanic Studies. Our website seeks to provide internauts with important information about us, our programs, and activities. But, if you do not find what you are searching for, we welcome your enquiries.

Created more than a decade ago as an independent, doctoral-granting department in the College of Liberal Arts, the Department of Hispanic Studies has as its overriding goals the creation and dissemination of knowledge about the Hispanic world as manifested in its cultural products and languages. Of course, this means we do research, publish, and teach; but among our faculty and student ranks there are also skilled translators and accomplished creative essayists, narrators and poets.

Diverse in terms of origin, the Department includes faculty and graduate students from Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the United States. Even more diverse are HISP research agendas that embrace cultural studies, digital humanities, film and performance, gender and diaspora studies, Hispanic literatures, historical and comparative linguistics, history and presence of Spanish in the U.S., iconography, language acquisition and pedagogy, language variation and change, photography, post-hegemonic and infrapolitical thought, and sociolinguistics.

The Department frequently hosts conferences, lectures, and symposia. Nationally and internationally renowned scholars who have recently visited include Fred de Armas, José Luis Barrios, Geoffrey Bennington, Bill Cope, Richard Kagan, Mary Kalantzis, Bettina Kluge, Jacques Lezra, Giacomo Marramao, Glenn Martinez, Steve Marsh, Mabel Moraña, and Willy Thayer. Other guests have included authors and directors such as Charles Bernstein, Carlos Bolado, Carmen Boullosa, Javier Cercas, Rolando Hinojosa, Rodrigo Rey Rosa, Marjorie Perloff, José Prats Sariol, Guillermo Reyes, Albert Serra, and Ida Vitale.

The Department of Hispanic Studies enjoys a splendid reputation for teaching, counting among the faculty numerous college and university level awards for teaching excellence. Generally small class sizes guarantee opportunities for personalized attention and active student participation. Departmental curricula offer a range of courses for undergraduates interested in language instruction, including Spanish for the professions, and content courses in culture, linguistics, and literature.

An undergraduate major (Bachelor of Arts) in Spanish, and/or its combination with another major (double major) is fine preparations for a career in fields such as education, translation, communications, diplomacy, health and social services as well as being recognized as a smart preparation for professional school. Our interdisciplinary Ph.D. program allows doctoral students to pursue their interests in Hispanic linguistics, culture, and literature. Former students, both graduate and undergraduate, represent the Department well in many areas of endeavor throughout Texas, the nation and the world.

Richard K Curry






Dr. Richard K. Curry
Department Head