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Dr. Angela Hudson publishes article in the Summer 2021 issue of Journal of Social History

Angela Pulley HudsonDr. Angela Hudson’s most recent article, “The Indian Doctress in the Nineteenth-Century United States:  Race, Medicine, and Labor” is now out in print (it has been available online for a while) in the Summer 2021 issue of the  Journal of Social History.

This article focuses on Native and non-Native women who worked in the “Indian doctress” occupation in the nineteenth-century United States.  It argues that such women fused caregiving skills with popular assumptions about Indigenous anti-modernity to make a very modern living.  One goal of Angela’s article is to shed new light on histories of medicine and women’s labor.  But it also aims to highlight ways that American Indians and their resources (including medicinal knowledge and commodified images), so often seen as casualties of American modernity, are in fact constitutive of it.  The abstract is here and free access to the article is here