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History Peeps: David Hudson, Instructional Professor and Associate Graduate Director

Then – July 1983

Now – 2021










Dr. David Hudson came a long way to join the History Department at Texas A&M. As a child he was entranced by the rich legacy of past generations that he saw scattered across the British landscape. He particularly recalls the historical sites at which his father loved to stop on any family trip. They were common in Devon and South Lancashire where Dr. Hudson grew up before attending the University of Bristol. Although he considered studying for the Catholic priesthood, in Bristol he met his future wife, an American who captured his heart, overturned his career plans, and put him on a trajectory to arrive in Texas in 1991.

Texas prompted some culture shocks (and occasionally still does), but Dr. Hudson acclimated by rediscovering his early love of British and Irish history. He earned his masters at Sam Houston State and then his doctorate at Texas A&M University in 1998. Dr. Hudson joined the teaching faculty later that year as an instructor and undergraduate advisor. His personal connection with British and Irish History has long fascinated students. Off campus, Dr. Hudson enjoys woodworking, and makes beautiful bookcases to hold his ever-growing book collection. With its picturesque outdoor spaces, warmth, and friendliness, Texas is now Dr. Hudson’s home, while the United Kingdom and Ireland feel increasingly distant.

To what historical figure would Dr. Hudson like to say “Howdy,” given the chance? Here his roots beckon, and he mentions Hugh O’Neill, the Earl of Tyrone and last Great Earl of the Old Irish Clans before the Tudor conquest. If they had a common language in which to communicate, Dr. Hudson would have quite a few questions about the relationship between Ireland and Britain for this puzzling man. He is certain that the answers would go far to further improve his and his students’ understanding of the past.

(Kaitlyn Ross)