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History Peeps: Kelly Cook, Business Coordinator II

Kelly Cook’s Texas roots run deep. Her family has ranched in the area for over one hundred years, on six hundred acres divided between two properties known as the Olden Ranches. She remembers hearing stories about how her great-grandfather sold land on Walton Drive at twenty-five cents an acre. “I could just imagine what it would be worth today,” she says with a grin. The ranches are family-run operations, with immediate and extended family working and living on-site. They raise upwards of seventy-five cattle, with new calves born from October through January.

When Kelly is home, she enjoys trail rides. She owns seven quarter horses and keeps a miniature horse for her grandsons, Dawson and Ryker. She loves taking Dawson and Ryker around the farm, letting them interact with the animals, and she says with a smile, “whatever else they decide we need to do—they’re miniature bosses.”

When not at the ranch, Kelly is at the History Department. Kelly started working at Texas A&M’s Beutel Health Center in 1999. In 2001, she transitioned to the History Department, where she worked for seven years. She returned to the department in 2012 and has seen it flourish with the hiring of new faculty in recent years. As the department’s business coordinator, Kelly juggles multiple tasks, from processing travel requests (for ALL visitors, faculty, and students) to reconciling credit card statements to processing new hires. She especially loves planning and coordinating department events.

To what historical figure would Kelly Cook like to say “Howdy,” given a chance? She’d love to reconnect with her great-grandmother, Dymple Carll Creagor, or Mama Creagor, who passed away when Kelly was a child. Her great-grandmother raised three children on a massive ranch by herself. Kelly would want to ask how she “managed to keep everything in check.” Specifically, “how did she raise all the animals and the children on her own in the mid-1900s?”

Jennifer Wells ’24