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  • History Peeps: Ian Seavey, Ph.D. Student

    A Florida native with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Tampa, Ian Seavey remembers the culture shock he experienced when he first saw Texans on campus in Western boots and cowboy hats. “I really thought that was just a funny stereotype,” the graduate student relates. “I had no idea anyone actually still dressed like […]

  • History Peeps: Dr. Jessica Herzogenrath, Instructional Assistant Professor

    Dr. Jessica Herzogenrath’s fascination with history began at a young age, but not in the classroom. It began in her grandmother’s home, reading notes on every antique and artifact salvaged from the local community that had made its way into her grandmother’s care. History was the family passion, passed down from grandmother, to mother, to […]

  • Dr Jonathan Coopersmith

    History Peeps: Dr. Jonathan Coopersmith, Professor of History

    Technology and history may seem like opposites to many people, but not here at Texas A&M. The History Department is fortunate to have Dr. Jonathan Coopersmith, who explores the long history of technology, including both its successes and failures, and how technology has shaped the human experience across national boundaries. His jubilance and creativity have […]

  • History Peeps: Dr. Elizabeth Cobbs, Melbern G. Glasscock Professor of History

    Dr. Elizabeth Cobbs grew up down a two-mile dirt road on the far outskirts of San Diego, California. As a child, she vividly remembers the weekly drive to the local library miles away to check-out novels featuring heroines of ancient Egypt, medieval England, and revolutionary France. After returning home, she would make a peanut butter […]

  • History Peeps: Kelly Cook, Business Coordinator II

    Kelly Cook’s Texas roots run deep. Her family has ranched in the area for over one hundred years, on six hundred acres divided between two properties known as the Olden Ranches. She remembers hearing stories about how her great-grandfather sold land on Walton Drive at twenty-five cents an acre. “I could just imagine what it […]

  • History Peeps: Dr. Evan Haefeli, Associate Professor of History

    Approaching history imaginatively makes the past more fluid and alive. It means questioning the inevitability of events and looking past obvious answers. For Evan Haefeli, growing up surrounded by his father’s history books in Westhampton, New York, the long hours he spent thumbing through their glossy illustrations first sparked his imagination. To him, these books […]

  • History Peeps: Raymond Mitchell, Graduate Student

    Life is unpredictable. Its path twists and weaves. Sometimes it challenges us to abandon our comfortable routines and calls us to venture into the murky unknown. Although many ignore the invitation, a brave few accept it. In 2014, during Raymond Mitchell’s most profitable—and, arguably, his most outwardly successful—year as an oil and gas attorney in […]

  • History Peeps: Dr. Olga Dror, Professor of History

    Born in the Soviet Union, Olga Dror studied Vietnamese language and literature at the School of Oriental Studies at Leningrad State University. She recalls that admission to the program explicitly “gave preference to boys over girls, and I liked the challenge.” But sex discrimination proved easier to overcome than discrimination against Jews. After she graduated […]

  • Dr. Foote with Buzz

    History Peeps: Dr. Lorien Foote, Professor of History

    A small puppy changed Dr. Lorien Foote’s life forever in 2015. She admits, “I am somebody that did not grow up with pets and had no interest in animals at all.” But a spring break trip to Washington, D.C., converted her. While mining the National Archives for research material, Dr. Foote stayed with a dog-owning […]

  • History Peeps: David Vaught, Professor of History

    History shows that finding one’s way sometimes requires the courage to reject a predetermined path. “When I first went to college out of high school, I tried to be a math major because my father was a math professor,” Dr. David Vaught states. “I failed miserably,” he adds. In 1979, in the middle of his […]