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  • History Peeps: Angela Hudson, Professor and Associate Department Head

    When Dr. Angela Hudson was about nine years old, her family took her to a used book sale at the Spartanburg, S.C., community library. As she rummaged through the messy piles, she became enthralled by the glamorous images sprawled across the glossy pages of Life magazines from the 1940s. Her parents, hoping to nurture her curiosity, loaded […]

  • History Peeps: April Hatfield, Associate Professor

    Dr. April Hatfield’s interest in history began in her fifth-grade social studies classroom in Toledo, Ohio. Dr. Hatfield’s fifth-grade teacher was a former civil rights activist who imparted a passion for justice to her students. Dr. Hatfield states that when Mrs. Fields discussed her participation in marches, “I got the depth and strength of the African […]

  • History Peeps: David Hudson, Instructional Professor and Associate Graduate Director

                      Dr. David Hudson came a long way to join the History Department at Texas A&M. As a child he was entranced by the rich legacy of past generations that he saw scattered across the British landscape. He particularly recalls the historical sites at which his father […]

  • History Peeps: Aggie alumnus Kyle Ryman

    Aggie alumnus Kyle Ryman, class of 2009, decided to join the military during his junior year in high school. Motivated by Tom Cruise’s heroic character in the film Top Gun and by the events of 9/11, Mr. Ryman felt compelled to volunteer. Texas A&M provided Mr. Ryman with the college experience he craved and one […]

  • History Peeps: Jonathan Carroll, Graduate Student

    Jonathan Carroll, a third-year Ph.D. student in the Texas A&M History Department, has had an adventurous and unexpected trek from his rural small town in Celbridge, Ireland, to his new home in College Station, Texas.  Mr. Carroll reminisces, “I took a total gamble. I packed up everything I owned, which wasn’t much, mostly books (not […]

  • History Peeps: Brian M. Linn, Ralph R. Thomas Professor in Liberal Arts

    Professor Brian Linn believes history is made—or at least written—by those who show up. “Even if it’s 500 words a day, moving the project forward—even if you know those 500 words are all going to get thrown away the next day. Just keeping at it, that’s how you write books,” he says. Born in Hawaii […]

  • History Peeps: Troy Bickham, Professor of History

    Professor Troy Bickham has a talent for making people feel welcome. His openness to experience, curiosity about the world around him, and sense of humor make it easy for others to open up. Whether chatting about politics in the early American republic, the joys and perils of puppy parenthood, or the hot and sweaty process […]

  • History Peeps: Mary W. Johnson, Executive Assistant II

    Mary Johnson has literally seen it all. Supporting History faculty and students since 1978, Ms. Johnson started as a clerk-typist preparing book manuscripts in the days before faculty had their own computers, when the department was in the Academic Building. She now heads an administrative staff of four people in the Glasscock Building, and has […]

  • Dr Carlos Blanton at his desk

    History Peeps: Dr. Carlos K. Blanton, Department Chair

    We all want a place where we belong, where we feel welcomed and valued. Dr. Carlos Blanton found his when he arrived at Texas A&M University as a junior faculty member in 2001 and discovered his “peeps.”