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  • History Peeps: Dr. Evan Haefeli, Associate Professor of History

    Approaching history imaginatively makes the past more fluid and alive. It means questioning the inevitability of events and looking past obvious answers. For Evan Haefeli, growing up surrounded by his father’s history books in Westhampton, New York, the long hours he spent thumbing through their glossy illustrations first sparked his imagination. To him, these books […]

  • History Peeps: Raymond Mitchell, Graduate Student

    Life is unpredictable. Its path twists and weaves. Sometimes it challenges us to abandon our comfortable routines and calls us to venture into the murky unknown. Although many ignore the invitation, a brave few accept it. In 2014, during Raymond Mitchell’s most profitable—and, arguably, his most outwardly successful—year as an oil and gas attorney in […]

  • History Peeps: Dr. Olga Dror, Professor of History

    Born in the Soviet Union, Olga Dror studied Vietnamese language and literature at the School of Oriental Studies at Leningrad State University. She recalls that admission to the program explicitly “gave preference to boys over girls, and I liked the challenge.” But sex discrimination proved easier to overcome than discrimination against Jews. After she graduated […]

  • Dr. Foote with Buzz

    History Peeps: Dr. Lorien Foote, Professor of History

    A small puppy changed Dr. Lorien Foote’s life forever in 2015. She admits, “I am somebody that did not grow up with pets and had no interest in animals at all.” But a spring break trip to Washington, D.C., converted her. While mining the National Archives for research material, Dr. Foote stayed with a dog-owning […]

  • History Peeps: David Vaught, Professor of History

    History shows that finding one’s way sometimes requires the courage to reject a predetermined path. “When I first went to college out of high school, I tried to be a math major because my father was a math professor,” Dr. David Vaught states. “I failed miserably,” he adds. In 1979, in the middle of his […]

  • History Peeps: Dr. Tristan Osteria, Ph.D. 2016

    Growing up in the Philippines in the 1990s, Dr. Tristan Osteria looked forward to unwrapping books on his birthday and at Christmas. Whether reading “Hardy Boys” mysteries or histories of World War II, Dr. Osteria saw himself as a detective, piecing together the past bit by bit. America loomed large in Dr. Osteria’s imagination as […]

  • History Peeps: Angela Hudson, Professor and Associate Department Head

    When Dr. Angela Hudson was about nine years old, her family took her to a used book sale at the Spartanburg, S.C., community library. As she rummaged through the messy piles, she became enthralled by the glamorous images sprawled across the glossy pages of Life magazines from the 1940s. Her parents, hoping to nurture her curiosity, loaded […]

  • History Peeps: April Hatfield, Associate Professor

    Dr. April Hatfield’s interest in history began in her fifth-grade social studies classroom in Toledo, Ohio. Dr. Hatfield’s fifth-grade teacher was a former civil rights activist who imparted a passion for justice to her students. Dr. Hatfield states that when Mrs. Fields discussed her participation in marches, “I got the depth and strength of the African […]

  • History Peeps: David Hudson, Instructional Professor and Associate Graduate Director

                      Dr. David Hudson came a long way to join the History Department at Texas A&M. As a child he was entranced by the rich legacy of past generations that he saw scattered across the British landscape. He particularly recalls the historical sites at which his father […]

  • History Peeps: Aggie alumnus Kyle Ryman

    Aggie alumnus Kyle Ryman, class of 2009, decided to join the military during his junior year in high school. Motivated by Tom Cruise’s heroic character in the film Top Gun and by the events of 9/11, Mr. Ryman felt compelled to volunteer. Texas A&M provided Mr. Ryman with the college experience he craved and one […]