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History Matters

Above Photo by Frans Van Heerden from Pexels

Historians are detectives who investigate the origins of humanity’s progress and problems. At A&M, you join a community of students and scholars intrigued by the kaleidoscope of human experience. Knowing that the past shapes the future, we are dedicated to illuminating how the planet evolved to today.

History shapes the student, too. The ability to form questions, root out evidence, identify patterns, distinguish cause from effect, draw provable conclusions, and write elegantly will distinguish you in any professional setting.  Thinking historically is a mental tool that gets sharper with use. It equips you for success in fields from public service to foreign service, business to government, law to journalism, philanthropy to teaching. Check out what our graduates are doing—and join us!


This image featured on our  homepage this month depicts 1805 satire that compares British expansionism with Bonaparte’s conquest of Europe in the early nineteenth century.

Napoleon Bonaparte, self-appointed as emperor of France, and the English statesman William Pitt sit across a dining table, each carving out a piece from a plum pudding in the shape of the globe. The diminutive Napoleon, rising from his seat in order to reach the table, hungrily takes Europe while Pitt carves a large slice of ocean, illustrating the respective areas of power in the ongoing wars between Britain and France.

William became Britain’s youngest-ever prime minister at the age of 24.

James Gillray, ‘The Plumb-Pudding in Danger;–or—State Epicures Taking un Petit Souper’ (London, 1805).  The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 42.121(93).