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History Matters

Only by understanding where we have been can we move forward.  History is less about venerating old things as examining the origins of today’s debates and structures.  Studying history is not simple, stale, or static. You will learn that history is a life skill.  The ability to think historically—rooting out cause and effect, identifying precedent and pattern, avoiding old mistakes—will separate you from most of your peers in any professional setting.  This is not some technical skill that goes out of style in a few years, but a mental tool that gets sharper each day.  We study the past to make sense of the present and to better envision the future.   Truly, the study of the past is limited only by one’s ability to imagine.  History is theoretically unlimited.  Your study of the past is shaped by your interests and your ability to find sources.  We all make our own History and you can too. Thinking historically positions you for success in almost any field in business, public service, philanthropy, technology, communications, and of course teaching. Check out one of our recent alumni and how he has used his degree!

Our featured photo on our home page is from the Library of Congress:  San Francisco, Calif., April 1942. Children at the Weill public school for the so-called international settlement and including many Japanese-Americans, saluting the flag. They include evacuees of Japanese descent who will be housed in War relocation authority centers for the duration.  Click here for additional information.