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History Matters

Above Photo by Frans Van Heerden from Pexels

Historians are detectives who investigate the origins of humanity’s progress and problems. At A&M, you join a community of students and scholars intrigued by the kaleidoscope of human experience. Knowing that the past shapes the future, we are dedicated to illuminating how the planet evolved to today.

History shapes the student, too. The ability to form questions, root out evidence, identify patterns, distinguish cause from effect, draw provable conclusions, and write elegantly will distinguish you in any professional setting.  Thinking historically is a mental tool that gets sharper with use. It equips you for success in fields from public service to foreign service, business to government, law to journalism, philanthropy to teaching. Check out what our graduates are doing—and join us!




This image featured on our  homepage this month depicts A German star spangled banner? Americans tend to forget what a welcoming place the United States was for white immigrants in the 19th century. President George W. Bush once objected to the Spanish tranlsation of the National Anthem, not realizing it was a 150 year old tradition at that point, dating from a Texas German’s translation in 1851, and featured here on a Union Army recruitment broadside. Similarly, some citizens have objected to New York City’s grant of voting rights to some aliens in municipal elections. But in the 19th century, some twenty states including Texas allowed unnaturalized immigrants to vote in state and even national elections, as an A&M trained historian recently documented: