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Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

TAMU’s graduate program is on the move. First and foremost, in recent years we raised TA stipends by more than 50 percent and doubled research and travel funds. We also secured funding for four permanent Graduate Assistant Lecturers (instructors of record for one course a semester). These efforts allow us to offer exceptional recruits five years of funding.

A strong graduate program requires not only money but vision, planning, and faculty commitment. We recently reduced the number of admissions to increase support for those who join the TAMU community and who will compete in a tight job market when they graduate. Most tenured faculty mentor at least one graduate student, whom they closely advise. As a result, TAMU enjoys a culture emphasizing excellence. Students regularly win prestigious external grants and fellowships (including Fulbright, Smithsonian, and Organization of American Historians awards), publish in top-tier journals, deliver papers at major conferences, and compete with success in professional job markets. The American Historical Association has recognized our efforts with competitive grants from its Career Diversity Initiative.

TAMU’s program is small enough to closely address students’ specific needs but large enough to function as an active research community. We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Students of underrepresented backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply. We strive to maintain a culture in which students, faculty, and staff participate actively in all aspects of department life. Graduate students play an important role in teaching, departmental committees, and conferences and workshops. Their input at every level is highly valued. A vibrant History Graduate Student Organization (HGSO) epitomizes TAMU’s friendly, collegial environment.