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Darby Cheek

PhD Student
Areas of Speciality
  • U.S.
  • (979) 845-7151
  • Melbern G. Glasscock Building 006C
Professional Links
Dr. Evan Haefeli

Research Interests

Early United States History:

How oral traditions, symbols, rituals, entertainment, and pedagogy surrounding the American Revolution and founders impact collective memory; the conjunction of historical analyses and public memory within contemporary politics.

Comparative colonial identity and intercolonial relations; regionalism as an identifier and impediment during the American War of Independence; the internal impacts of regionalism under the federalist system; regionalism comparative to nineteenth-century Nationalism.

The impetuses for activism, the precedent and practice of political engagement, and the modes and effects of public discourse in Revolutionary and post-war America. The political theories and legal precedents that informed the modern republic, and how those ideas were varyingly interpreted among founders and by subsequent generations.

Transnational interpretations and legacies of the American War of Independence with a focus on the Atlantic World and its subsequent revolutions; how the British public, crown, and military understood and engaged with the revolution, and how their perceptions and systems changed in the aftermath.