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John Wendt

PhD Student
Areas of Speciality
  • War and Society
  • 19th-Century U.S.
  • Military History
  • American Civil War
Professional Links
Dr. Lorien Foote

Research Interests

My research interests center broadly on the intersection of nineteenth-century American economics and military affairs.  My research tracks specifically how U.S. Army quartermasters utilized credit in the form of vouchers, specie, greenbacks, and later, federal bonds to navigate local markets, contractors, and profiteering middlemen during three major conflicts: The Second Seminole War, the Mexican-American War, and the American Civil War.  My most recent article in preparation is entitled “‘In Disregard of the Interests of the United States’: Corruption in the Antebellum Army and the Case of Lieutenant Colonel Joshua B. Brant.”

Other related research interests: 

Military justice, Economic law and regulations, Jacksonian Indian Removal, history of Southeastern Peoples, 19th, and 20th-Century military logistics, American Western Expansion, and American foreign policy and counterinsurgency in historical and modern contexts.