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Jonathan Carroll

PhD Student
  • (979) 845-7151
Professional Links
Dr. Brian Linn

Research Interests

In terms of disciplinary focus, I am a military historian first and foremost, specializing in military history from the American and French Revolutions to the present day. My research interests include military operations other than war (MOOTW) focusing on multilateral and unilateral military interventions, low-intensity conflict, and counterinsurgency. My current research project, God’s Work in Hell, explores the intervention in Somalia from 1992-1995 by UNOSOM/UNITAF that moves away from the current dominance of Black Hawk Down to establish what happened during this experiment in the world’s first failed state to suggest that in many ways, Somalia was a preview of Iraq and Afghanistan during the War on Terror. As an Irishman, and former service member with the Defence Forces, I also research and write on Irish defense policy.