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Side Emre

Side Emre
Associate Professor
Areas of Speciality
  • Islamic History
  • Religion
  • Intellectual History
  • Sufism
  • Early Modern Ottoman Political
  • (979) 845-7151
  • Melbern G. Glasscock Building, 210A
Professional Links
Ph.D. University of Chicago, 2009

Research Interests

Side Emre (Ph.D. University of Chicago, 2009) specializes in the late medieval and early modern history of the Ottoman Empire and Egypt. In her first book, Ibrahim-i Gulshani and the Khalwati-Gulshani Order: Power Brokers in Ottoman Egypt (Leiden, Boston: Brill, 2017) ( she examined the historical trajectory of the Khalwati-Gulshani order of dervishes with a focus on their socio-political and cultural impact in the local/inter-regional communities they lived and networked in the pre-modern Muslim world. Her research brings together Near/Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean/North African history (political, cultural, intellectual and religious) and establishes dialogues with medieval, early modernist and modernist scholars from a wide array of disciplines. In her wider research, Emre focuses on the connections between politics, society, religion, and Sufism (Islamic mysticism) in the pre-modern Muslim world. Current research areas include: visual representations in Ottoman mystical texts, esoteric sciences in medieval and early modern Ottoman culture, Anatolian Turkish literature, early modern empire, law, heresy, the influence of Ibn al-‘Arabi in Ottoman intellectual and cultural history/historiography, and Sufism, with its cultural, political, and societal reflections in the Ottoman/Mamluk and Egyptian historical context of the early modern period.


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  • “A Preliminary Investigation of Ibn ʿArabi’s Influence Reflected in the Corpus of İbrahim-i Gulsheni (d.1534) and the Halveti-Gulsheni Order of Dervishes in Egypt.” Journal of the Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi Society 56  (2014): 67-113.
  • “Crafting Piety for Success: Gülşeniye Literature and Culture in the Sixteenth Century.” Journal of Sufi Studies 1.1 (2012): 31-75.
  • “A Subversive Story of Banishment, Persecution, and Incarceration on the Eve of the Ottoman Conquest of Egypt: İbrahim-i Gülşeni’s Mamluk Years 1507/10-1517 in Sufism and Society: Arrangements of the Mystical in the Muslim World, 1200-1800 C.E., ed. John J. Curry and Erik S. Ohlander (London and New York: Routledge, 2011), 201-222.
  • Encyclopedia of Islam, Third Edition: “Gulshaniyya” article.