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Empires & Colonialism

These faculty members research in this field:

Courses offered regularly in the department that support Empires and Colonialism research are as follows:

Undergraduate Courses

HIST 101. Western Civilization to 1660
HIST 102. Western Civilization since 1660
HIST 103. World History to 1500
HIST 104. World History since 1500
HIST 105. History of the United States
HIST 106. History of the United States
HIST 210. Russian Civilization
HIST 214. History of England
HIST 226. History of Texas
HIST 232. History of American Sea Power
HIST 258. American Indian History
HIST 304. Mexican-American Frontier to 1848
HIST 305. Mexican-American History 1848-present
HIST 307. Latino Communities of the U.S.
HIST 308. History of American Indians in the U.S. South
HIST 320. History of the Atlantic World
HIST 321. The Age of Revolution in the Atlantic World
HIST 322. History of the Iberian World
HIST 325. Texas Cultural History
HIST 326. History of the Caribbean to Emancipation
HIST 329. Modern Mediterranean World
HIST 333. Europe in the Age of Absolutism, 1660-1815
HIST 334. History of Europe in the Nineteenth Century
HIST 336. Europe since 1919
HIST 339. Eastern Europe Since 1453
HIST 343. Inter-American Relations
HIST 344. History of Africa to 1800
HIST 345. Modern Africa
HIST 347. Rise of Islam, 600-1258
HIST 348. Modern Middle East
HIST 354. Imperial China
HIST 355. Modern China
HIST 357. Out of Africa: The Black Diaspora and the Modern World
HIST 367. Colonization of North America
HIST 368. The Birth of the Republic, 1763-1820
HIST 369. The United States, 1820-1860
HIST 406. The Era of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Era
HIST 407. History of France since 1815
HIST 411. Imperial Russia, 1801-1917
HIST 429. The Roman Empire
HIST 430. Ireland, 1690-1922: Colony, Kingdom and Nation
HIST 431. The Kingdom of Ireland, 1541-1800
HIST 432. The Nation of Ireland, 1800 to the present
HIST 435. Tudor England, 1450-1603
HIST 436. Stuart England, 1603-1714
HIST 437. Eighteenth-Century Britain
HIST 438. Nineteenth-Century England
HIST 439. Twentieth-Century England
HIST 441. History of Mexico, 1821 to the Present
HIST 453. The American Frontier
HIST 462. American Foreign Relations
HIST 463. American Foreign Relations
HIST 464. International Developments since 1918
HIST 475. Empire and History
HIST 465. Extremism and Terrorism in the Contemporary World

Graduate Courses

HIST 601. Colonial North America
HIST 604. The Early Republic
HIST 613. Reading Seminar in the U.S. in the World
HIST 615. Colonial Latin America
HIST 617. Latin America: The National Period
HIST 621. The Emergence of Modern America
HIST 628. Historiography
HIST 633. The American West
HIST 634. Maritime History and Sea Power
HIST 643. Reading Seminar in European History from Renaissance to French Revolution
HIST 678. Readings in the Southwest and its Borders
HIST 679. Research Seminar in the Southwest and its Borders
HIST 689. Special Topics:  Politics and Culture in Modern China