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Race, Ethnicity & Migration

These faculty members research in this field:


Courses offered regularly in the department that support Race, Ethnicity & Migration research are as follows:

Undergraduate Courses

HIST 258. American Indian History
HIST 300. Blacks in the United States, 1607-1877
HIST 301. Blacks in the United States Since 1877
HIST 304. Mexican-American Frontier to 1848
HIST 305. Mexican-American History 1848-Present
HIST 307. Latino Communities of the U.S.
HIST 308. History of Native Peoples of the U.S. South
HIST 319. U.S. Immigration and Ethnicity
HIST 320. History of the Atlantic World
HIST 321. The Age of Revolution in the Atlantic World
HIST 322. History of the Iberian World
HIST 326. The Caribbean to Emancipation
HIST 327. The Caribbean since Emancipation
HIST 341. Colonial Latin America
HIST 367. Colonization of North America
HIST 368. Birth of the Republic
HIST 369. History of the United States 1829-1860
HIST 401. Slavery in World History
HIST 406.The Era of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Empire
HIST 450. The Old South
HIST 451. The New South
HIST 357. Out of Africa: The Black Diaspora and the Modern World
HIST 401. Slavery in World History
HIST 453. The American Frontier
HIST 475. Empire and History

Graduate Courses

HIST 601. Colonial North America
HIST 604. The Early Republic History
HIST 615. Colonial Latin America
HIST 617. Latin America: The National Period
HIST 624. Readings in Race, Ethnicity, and Migration
HIST 625. Research Seminar in Race, Ethnicity, and Migration
HIST 678. Readings in the Southwest and its Borders
HIST 679. Research Seminar in the Southwest and its Borders