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War & Society

These faculty members research in this field:

Courses offered regularly in the department that support War and Society research are as follows:

Undergraduate Courses

HIST 230. US Military History, 1609 to Present
HIST 232. History of American Sea Power
HIST 234. European Military History
HIST 320. History of the Atlantic World
HIST 321. The Age of Revolution in the Atlantic World
HIST 333. The Age of Absolutism
HIST 337. War and European Society in the Twentieth Century
HIST 349. The Vietnam War/The American War
HIST 350. Asia during World War II
HIST 370. Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST 372. Reform, War and Normalcy: The United States 1901-1929
HIST 373. The Great Depression and World War II
HIST 403. History of Nazi Germany
HIST 406. The Era of the French Revolution and Napoleon, 1715-1815
HIST 411. Imperial Russia, 1801-1917
HIST 442. World War II
HIST 443. American Military History to 1901
HIST 444. American Military History Since 1901
HIST 445. History of Modern Military Thought
HIST 446. Aerospace History

Graduate Courses:

HIST 634. Maritime History and Sea Power
HIST 645. Research Seminar in War and Society
HIST 646. Readings in War and Society