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Student Organization (HGSO)

The History Graduate Student Organization (HGSO) plays a major role at TAMU. In the words of Jonathan Carroll, a former officer:

In the Department of History, the HGSO serves as a key support systems. The HGSO serves as the primary link between students and faculty, advising and advocating on student issues, providing a support network and resources, and organizing social and networking events. Our most important undertaking is the annual HGSO Student Conference. This conference brings together graduate and undergraduate students from institutions in Texas and across the country in a forum specifically designed for professional development and peer-networking. The HGSO is managed by four officers who integrate themselves into the Department and the wider University. An HGSO representative sits on the Department’s Graduate Committee, and the Climate, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee. An HGSO officer also serves as a Department Senator in the Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG). Grad School is challenging in so SO many ways; so the HGSO exists to ease these challenges by encouraging a friendly, supportive, and cooperative environment within the Department, and amongst students and faculty.


2022-2023 Officer Team:

Administrative Officer: Nada Al-Jamal

Communications Officer: Tristan Krause

Financial Officer: Regan Murr

Social Officer: Margaret Gregory


Indigenous Studies Panel from a former conference.