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Program Requirements

Major Subject – HISTORY  Total : 33 hours.

Required HIST courses (18 hours):

HIST 101 or HIST 103

HIST 102 or HIST 104

HIST 105

HIST 106

HIST 280

HIST 481

Additional HIST courses (15 hours):

at least 12 hours of history at the 300 or 400 level

at least 3 hours of pre-modern history at the 200-400 level

at least 3 hours from three of five lists (U.S.; Europe; Latin America/Caribbean; Africa/Asia/Middle East; Thematic)

*Please note: a single course may be used to fulfill more than one of the above requirements for additional HIST courses

Minor Subject – A minor is not required. The number of hours varies with the minor field chosen but is generally either 15 or 18 hours.

Foreign Language – 14 hours, or four semesters, of French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Latin, Greek, Arabic, or Chinese – 101 + 102 (4 hours each) and 201 +202 (3 hours each).  Other languages may be accepted.

Communication – 6 hours – ENGL 104 + 203, 210, or COMM 203, 205 or 243

Literature– 6 hours -Literature in English.

Mathematics  and Logical Reasoning– 6 hours. At least 3 hours must be in MATH from the Core Curriculum list; 3 hours may be selected from PHIL 240.

Physical Biological Science – 9 hours from the Core Curriculum list.

Social and Behavioral Sciences – 6 hours from the Core Curriculum list.

Political Science – 6 hours- POLS 206 & POLS 207

Language, Philosophy, Culture – 9 hours. At least 3 hours of which must be creative arts, from the Core Curriculum List.

Electives – 25 for those entering Catalog 137 (2014-2015) or later.

International & Cultural Diversity course requirement – 6 hours – chosen from the prescribed University ICD list. Courses that fulfill other core or major requirements can duplicate in this category.

You will be awarded a degree upon successful completion of the above requirements provided you meet university requirements for total semester hours, including 36 residency hours – i.e., hours taken at 300/400 level on campus at Texas A&M University. Your GPR must remain above 2.0 at all times, and no grade below a “C” is permitted in either your MAJOR or MINOR subject.