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History Honors

Texas A&M University’s Honors Programs offers the opportunity for successful and highly motivated students to pursue university-wide academic study that challenges their interests and abilities. Honors in History allows undergraduates majoring in history to participate in honors study pertinent to their major field. Students pursuing History Honors are encouraged also to pursue honors options at the college and university level as completion of the requirements for History Honors will also satisfy many of the requirements for those programs. Students interested in college-level honors should visit the Cornerstone Honors Program.  Those interested in university-level honor options should visit the Honors Program Home Page.

History Honors Requirements:

To earn History Honors, students must complete the following 18 hours of honors classes:

  • Twelve (12) honors hours in History, including at least six (6) hours at the 300/400 level.

Students may use 6 hours of Honors Independent Study (HIST 497) leading to a senior thesis toward this requirement. Students choosing this option are exempt from HIST 481.

  • Six (6) honors hours elsewhere in the degree plan.

Admission To and Continuation In the Honors Program

To be eligible for the History Honors program, incoming students must have an SAT of at least 1250 (verbal + math, with a minimum score of 570 on each) or a 28 on the ACT (minimum score of 27 each on verbal and math) and need to have graduated in the top 10% of their high school class. Current and potential history majors whose overall GPR at TAMU is 3.5 or above are also eligible. Students pursuing History Honors are eligible for Honors Priority Registration (HPR) each semester provided: 1) they consult with an academic advisor prior to registration, and 2) they continue to maintain a 3.5 GPR. Students who do not meet these criteria will be allowed one probationary semester to return to good standing before being dropped from the History Honors program. A student with a grade of F* (indicating academic dishonesty) is ineligible to earn the History Honors distinction.

Honors Recognition and Graduation with Honors

All completed honors course work taken at Texas A&M is designated as such on a student’s permanent transcript, showing that the student has taken part in this enhanced curriculum. To graduate with History Honors, a student must fulfill the History Honors requirements outlined above and graduate with a 3.5 cumulative GPR and a 3.25 GPR in honors courses. After graduation, a student transcript will designate that a student has achieved the distinction of History Honors, as well as any university-wide honors distinctions and/or the College of Arts and Sciences honors distinction the student has completed.

For further information please contact:

Ms. Robyn Konrad
Advisor for the Undergraduate History Majors & Coordinator of History Honors
Arts and Sciences, Arts & Humanities Building (LAAH 217)
Texas A&M University, Department of History
College Station, Texas 77843-4236

Phone: (979) 845-5987
Fax: (979) 862-4314 (to the attention of Ms. Robyn Konrad)