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Why History

Why history?  Why Texas A&M?

Here’s why. We have:

  • World-class faculty studying diverse peoples, ideas, and cultures worldwide and across time
  • Professors widely recognized as among the best teachers in the university
  • Many faculty awarded Association of Former Students Distinguished Teaching Awards or other prestigious classroom honors
  • Professors—not temporary instructors or graduate students—teach over 90% of all undergraduate courses
  • Students take two writing-intensive research seminars with 15 or fewer classmates
  • Students choose elective courses to explore the diversity of the human experience through time
  • Successful, highly motivated students may participate in Honors programs which challenge their interests and abilities
  • Opportunities for students to present their research at the annual History Student Conference
  • Funding awarded on a competitive basis for travel to archives to conduct research or to professional conferences to deliver papers
  • Professors actively assist with students’ critical thinking, writing, reading, and speaking skills
  • Graduates go on to leading law schools, medical schools, and Ph.D. programs
  • Graduates employed business management, government service, education, and public relations

If you have questions about our program, please contact our undergraduate advisor, Mrs.  Robyn Konrad,