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Interdisciplinary Critical Studies

Established in Fall 2017, Interdisciplinary Critical Studies is a new unit that brings together five programs in the College of Liberal Arts: Africana Studies (AFST), Film and Media Studies (FILM), Latino/a and Mexican American Studies (LMAS), Religious Studies (RELS), and Women’s and Gender Studies (WGST). Each of these programs is interdisciplinary in that they draw on a variety of theories, methods, practices, and approaches to illuminating modern and historical problems. Each is critical in that they focus on critiquing common approaches to these problems. Further, they engage critical thinking skills as a central part of the curriculum at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Over 100 faculty are engaged in the programs in Interdisciplinary Critical Studies. They come from departments around the College and across the University. Our scholarship draws on qualitative, quantitative, textual, and historical analysis. Our programs address questions about power, institutions and structures, cultural production, identity, intersectionality and oppression, and social and civic responsibility and rights. Faculty research addresses a wide variety of topics including: immigration at the US-Mexico border, women’s health, LGBTQ rights, freedom movements, the environment, war, and sports.

Across ICS, we have one major (BA in WGST), five minors (all programs), and four graduate certificates (AFST, FILM, LMAS, WGST). Additionally, our courses serve as the backbone for three undergraduate university studies degrees: BA in Religious Thought, Practices, and Cultures, and the BA  and BS in Race, Gender, and Ethnicity (link to: ).