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About Religious Studies


The study of religion has become increasingly important as a way to understand the roles religion plays in public life and world cultures.  The Religious Studies minor at Texas A&M University invites students to explore the world’s religious traditions and their own perspectives on religion.

About Us

“I want to know how other people do life”

– Holly Hilgeheimer, Economics Major/Religious Studies Minor, Class of ’11

I’m interested in how religion shapes people’s lives.”

– Rachel Herring, English Major/Religious Studies Minor, Class of ’13

The Religious Studies Minor at Texas A&M University invites students to explore the many ways people experience and articulate the sacred.  Minoring in religious studies offer students the vocabulary, knowledge, and insight to better understand how religion addresses core concerns of human existence across cultures.

A minor in Religious Studies complements a student’s major program.  Students in the minor represent a range of majors in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, and natural sciences.  The minor provides greater depth for majors in allied humanities disciplines, such as English and History, provides a subfield concentration for disciplines such as political science and sociology, and provides breadth for majors in fields such as economics and biology.  The study of religion offers an excellent intellectual foundation for many careers, among them journalism, medicine, psychology, business, law, public policy, liaison or consulting work, public relations, social work, education, or counseling.  Students may also go on to pursue advanced degrees toward research career or religious leadership.  The ability to understand the significance of religion at interpersonal, social, and culture levels serves students in any career path that involves contact with other human beings.