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Religious Studies Minor


The Religious Studies minor allows students to study religion in a variety of ways. Students can select from a range of courses according to their interests. Some courses examine religion in history, literature, art, politics, and societies from ancient times to today. Others explore the rituals, symbols, mythologies, texts, doctrines, and histories of individual religious traditions. Still other courses investigate religion as a domain of human experience through philosophy, psychology, politics, or medicine.

Religious Studies is one of more than 12 interdisciplinary programs in the College of Liberal Arts at Texas A&M University. The Religious Studies minor is an 15-credit academic program in which religion is the object of scholarly inquiry. Courses in the minor are taught by a dynamic faculty from a range of disciplines and departments.

To declare a minor a student should set up a General Advising appointment with the Religious Studies Advisor, Samantha Thorpe, by going to the scheduling system at: https//  When selecting a location, please use LA-Undergraduate Programs Office (COKE Building), and for appointment type, select LA-General Advising.  You can include details about your minor interest area in the comments when scheduling.  If you experience any difficulty, please call 979.845.5143 to schedule appointment.