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Religion and Culture Working Group

The Religion and Culture Working Group, funded by the Glasscock Center for Humanities Research, promotes discussion among faculty and students interested in interdisciplinary investigations of the subject of religion both past and present. The group adopts broad-based theoretical approaches to the study of religion, understood in this context to include the material culture, modes of expression, philosophy, institutions, and experiences that are infused with spiritual or transcendent meaning. For more information or to join the Working Group, contact one of the group conveners: Daniel Schwartz, Department of History or Heidi Campbell, Department of Communication.

American Academy of Religion (AAR): The AAR is the flagship scholarly organization for the field of religious studies. Browse the website to get a sense of the kinds of things that religious studies scholars think about and do.

American Academy of Religion Southwest Region: This is the AAR body for the Southwest region, which gathers scholars of religion across the southwest, including Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kansas.

UC Davis: What Can I Do with a Religious Studies Major: UC Davis’s Religious Studies program offers additional information about how a religious studies major can benefit you.

“We Ignore the Global Impact of Religion at our Peril”: an editorial written by former Secretary of State John Kerry about the importance of studying religion in today’s world.

The Religious Studies Project: an archive of podcasts related to the academic study of religion