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Why Women’s and Gender Studies

books about womenSince gender has far-reaching influence on daily life, world culture, and public policy, this study equips students to enter a wide range of fields.  As an interdisciplinary liberal arts degree, Women’s and Gender Studies is attractive to employers looking for recruits trained in critical thinking, organizational skills, reading, writing, and presenting in many subject areas.

Expertise in women’s and gender issues is important to businesses, governmental agencies, and other organizations dealing with matters such as sexual harassment, flex-time, parental leave, and pay equity, just as specialists in women’s and gender studies find opportunities in education, social services, counseling, media, human resources management, and many other fields.

In addition, many graduate programs offer concentrations or degrees in Women’s and Gender Studies, and study in this field helps to prepare students for the study of law, medicine, or other professional degrees. We offer courses in Women and the Law and Employment Discrimination Law, for example, and other courses cover areas of women’s health, women and work, and general background on professional women’s issues. Professional schools often look favorably on applicants with broad interdisciplinary training in areas such as this one.