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Graduate Certificate

Any Texas A&M graduate student enrolled in a Masters or Doctoral Program may apply for a Graduate Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies. Certificate eligibility is based on academic standing and approval of a plan of study and research agenda.

This interdisciplinary program offers students the opportunity to develop grounding in the discipline of Women’s and Gender Studies. Students will become familiar with a variety of methodological and theoretical perspectives as they focus their attention on gender and women’s issues. Since Women’s and Gender Studies often brings a different set of questions to the study of traditional disciplines, the student’s understanding of the major discipline should be enhanced through the work on the Certificate.

In addition to the gender focus, Women’s and Gender Studies also incorporates other issues of diversity–race, age, ethnicity, class, nationality–employing an intersectional approach to knowledge. Some understanding of issues relating to gender and diversity within the various traditional disciplines is increasingly expected in today’s employment context.

Students who wish to earn a certificate should speak to their departmental graduate advisor as early as possible in their program, as well as the Women’s and Gender Program Director with any additional questions, or to seek any additional information. The application for the WGST Graduate Certificate should be completed early in the process.