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Climate & Inclusion Committee

Leroy Dorsey, Associate Dean for Inclusive Excellence, Strategic Initiatives, Dean’s Office, Chair
Cynthia Bouton
, Professor, History
David Donkor, Associate Professor, Performance Studies
Allison Faber, Doctoral Student, History
Robert Garcia, Associate Professor, Philosophy
Joshua Harms, Executive Assistant II, College of Liberal Arts
David McWhirter, Professor, English
Mary Meagher, Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Bertin Ortega, Instructional Assistant Professor, Hispanic Studies
Brittany Perry, Instructional Assistant Professor, Political Science
Ragan Petrie, Professor, Economics
Nancy Plankey-Videla, Associate Professor, Sociology
Marisa Suhm, Assistant Director, Multicultural Services Dept
Heather Thakar, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Anna Wolfe, Assistant Professor, Communication
James Howell, Instructional Assistant Professor, International Studies