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Welcome to the Department of International Studies

The Department of International Studies is at the forefront of university efforts to educate global citizens and future leaders, preparing our students for a globally interconnected future. Faculty boast a broad expertise across a variety of fields within the broader humanistic tradition. We teach and produce scholarship on global cultural issues within the context of linguistic, national, and transnational traditions. The department houses the interdisciplinary degree in International Studies, Modern Languages, and Classics. Languages taught in the department include Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, ancient Greek, and Latin

A Message Concerning International Study Waivers

Dear students,

Given the travel restrictions still in place in many countries and the recent cancellation of the majority of Texas A&M sponsored abroad programs for the summer, the Department of International Studies has approved a waiver of the International Experience requirement for students who are on track to graduate by December 2021 in order to ensure their timely graduation.

Students that need to avail themselves of the waiver are required to complete the following google form ( and meet with an INTS advisor.

The waiver addresses ONLY the International Experience requirement--students will still need to complete the coursework necessary to earn all the credits required by their degree (i.e. Area Studies, Foreign Language). To help students complete their coursework, the Department of International Studies will offer summer courses suitable to fulfill most of the areas of the INTS and MODL degrees.

We are ready to adapt to the potential upcoming changes in the extremely fluid global situation we are living through. All the while we will work to preserve the health and well-being of our families, friends, and our university and local communities, as well as the integrity of the INTS degree.

Thank you for your patience, your good will, and your commitment to Texas A&M.

Best wishes,
Dept. of International Studies

Find additional Coronavirus Information and Links under Resources, including Academic Advising Office Hours

Maddalena Cerrato

The Director’s Award for Outstanding Service to Honors Programs & The 2021 Wells Fargo Faculty Mentor Award goes to…

Posted May 19, 2021

The Department of International Studies would like to pay tribute to a remarkable professor whose untiring service to the department and staunch support of students was recently recognized. Dr. Maddalena Cerrato is the recipient of the 2021 Wells Fargo Faculty Mentor Award, as well as the 2021 Director’s Award for Outstanding Service to Honors Programs. […]

Delta Phi Alpha Logo

The German Program Announces Recently Inducted Students to German Honor Society

Posted April 29, 2021

The German program of the Department of International Studies wishes to congratulate those students who were inducted as new members to its chapter of the German National Honor Society or Delta Phi Alpha (ΔΦΑ) (German: Deutsche Ehrenverbindung) on April 27, 2021. Delta Phi Alpha, the sole post-secondary national honorary society for German studies in the United States, seeks to […]

Dr. Jocelyn Frelier

Getting to Know INTS Professor, Dr. Frelier

Posted April 26, 2021

The Department of International Studies would like to highlight Dr. Jocelyn Frelier, a Visiting Assistant Professor specializing in both French and International Studies. Dr. Frelier began working at Texas A&M University in the fall of 2020 and is currently teaching an INTS course entitled Diversity in a Globalized World: Global Migration on the Silver Screen. […]