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Bush School 5-Year Program

The International Studies Degree Program (INTS), in conjunction with the Bush School of Government & Public Service, also offers a joint degree program that allows International Studies majors to enter the Bush School at the beginning of their fourth year at Texas A&M. This opportunity enables students to receive their International Studies undergraduate degree and a Master of Public International Affairs (MPIA) degree in five years. The partnership between INTS and the Bush School is especially attractive because all graduates from the Bush School’s Masters Program must have proficiency in a foreign language and are encouraged to spend a semester abroad; INTS majors will have completed this requirement prior to entering the Bush School graduate program. Students admitted to the joint-degree program will have completed 96 hours of the 120 hours of coursework required to receive their bachelor’s degree. These courses must include all of the specific prerequisites for a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies (within the Politics and Diplomacy emphasis track), as well as the courses required by the College of Liberal Arts and by Texas A&M University for an undergraduate degree. Students will be required to complete the same two year, 48 hour curriculum as other students admitted to the Bush School’s MPSA program. For information about the 5-year Degree Program, contact the Bush School.